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About Us and Contacting Us

This section will tell you about Colin and Rosemary of Turtle Creations and how to contact them.


colin@turtlecreations.com | rosemary@turtlecreations.com

Husband and wife team, Colin and Rosemary McKay, set up their arts based business Turtle Creations in 1984. The couple met while they where both studying for a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art at Loughborough College of Art.

Since then, the couple have gone from strength to strength as their gallery of work, for a long list of clients, will testify. Colin prides himself in also being an accomplished artist in airbrush work which he studied for his degree, while Rosemary's main interest lies in illustration and interior design, in which she holds a City and Guilds with merit qualification. They have based their business in the New Forest, near Southampton and are happy to discuss commissions by phone, e-mail or in person.

All their work is individually designed in close consultation with the client. Drawings can be produced where necessary and particular attention is paid to toning colours to suit the situation.

PRICING - Prices vary depending on situation, style, content and detail but as a rough guideline their pricing structure can be set out as follows:

Trompe l'oeil - from £300 for a simple window to £2000+ for a large expanse of artwork.

Childrens Murals - from £300 for a single image to £1000+ for a whole room.

Painted Furniture and kitchens - from £200 for a small item of furniture painting to £800 - £2000 for complete kitchen unit painting depending on size and condition

Colin and Rosemary can be contacted by phone on:

02380 292354

E mail:

colin@turtlecreations.com | rosemary@turtlecreations.com